Custom Lego® Halloween Trick Or Treat House MOC

Custom Lego® Halloween Trick Or Treat House MOC


     Thanks for stopping by to check out our most recent Custom Lego® MOC (my own creation), The Halloween “Trick or Treat House!” Inspired by our love for the season and “spooktacular” ghouls and goblins who always come a knocking at our doorsteps on Halloween night.

     The "Trick or Treat House" represents an endless number of suburban homes that always find themselves decorated year after year by the true spooky at heart. Webs of spiders, carved Pumpkins, Skeletons, and Candy draw in young Aliens, Princesses, and Rocket Men to the sidewalks of our streets, to ring our doorbells, and to shout out the age old question, "Trick or Treat?!" Something about those three words makes us want to throw the finest of chocolates and candies into the buckets, pillowcases, and baskets of the young Ghosts who have always ruled the true spirit of Halloween. 

     We hope you enjoy the subtle, yet spooky details of the MOC that we thought would help portray the image of how we have always remembered Halloween night to be! Happy Halloween everyone!

~Ryan & Nanci

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