Custom Lego ® “Christmas Morning” Holiday MOC Set

Custom Lego ® “Christmas Morning” Holiday MOC Set

Ho Ho Ho! 

     This 2017 Holiday Season we decided to dip our imagination into the one magical morning that heartfelt memories are made of, "Christmas Morning." This MOC (my own creation) was inspired simply by our love for the season and for all the rug rats that stay up many a Christmas Eve night in hopes of hearing that clatter on the roof and getting a glimpse at Jolly ole' Saint Nick!

     Growing up, "D" batteries were a necessity. Had to have em'! Why? Well they lit up my flashlight of course! Santa had just dropped off his sack of toys and there I was, rummaging around the tree, checking tags, cookie crumbs, and milk levels. The time had to be close to 12 on 2 and my impatience was building. Why was my Brother still sleeping? Why was my Sister still sleeping? The snoring coming from my Parents bedroom confirmed the same on their end. But why??? Santa had come! Who knew what he had in store for us?! Was I the only one who understood the importance of the situation? Apparently so! Fast forward a few hours and there we all were gathered around the tree. Mom had the camera and Kodak film in hand, Pops played Santa, and we kids basked in the spirit, smell, and music that surrounded us. Present by present was shredded into, enjoyed, and admired. It was finally Christmas morning and it felt wonderful! But as the saying goes, all good things and moments must come to an end. For what had felt like forever to get there, had passed in a blink of an eye. But what still remains to this day, are the wonderful memories of the dancing Mr. & Mrs. Claus, the super fast remote control car, and how cold I remember feeling going outside to unplug the lights. All of these memories flow back to love down a long river of joy and happiness with family and friends.

     For us, this time of year represents all that is good. We hope you enjoy our Lego rendition of  what "Christmas Morning" was for us. We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season! 

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Ryan & Nanci   

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